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Welcome to Castle

So their I was, lying on the ground, breathing my last breath, hoping to respawn, but it was game over” spooky said to boo. Spooky was a good person in his time alive, unfortunately for spooky he ran out of lives. No respawning for spooky, it was a sad time. Boo asked spooky if he had ever been to the castle. “No” spooky said with an intriguing demeanor, “can you show me the way?”.  So Spooky and Boo headed off the kingdom of ghost, where those whose lives were all but none. As spooky and boo entered the castle, they were welcomed by a familiar figure, “The Queen!” Boo said, welcome to our castle, the kingdom of those who didn’t respawn, we came here looking for shelter when we ran out of lives, we don’t know why or how but it’s all we have now, each other to pass the time, spooky and boo looked at each other it seems like we are the unrespawnables! And so the kingdom was known as the kingdom of the unrespawnables to all who ran out of lives.

 By: Senzo.

Winner of our lore contest.

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