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  •  Farm in the liquidity pool

  •  Buy raffles​​

  •  Mint 1/1

  •  Upgrade Unrespawnables

  • Purchase items from the ghost store


SUPPLY: 50.000.000


Holders of Royal Pass, Unrespawnables and Unrespawnables - Extras will be able to stake their nfts on the to acquire $BOO Coins. The stake date will be announced after the sold out of the main collection and after the launch of the token. 

  • Royal Pass: 18 $BOO Coins per day.

  • Unrespawnables: 10 $BOO Coins per day.

  • Unrespawnables 1/1: 25 $BOO Coins per day.

  • Unrespawnables - Extra: 4 $BOO Coins per day.


You can upgrade your Unrespawnables using $BOO Coins. By upgrading your nft you can acquire a boost in your stake, being able to receive more $BOO Coins. More details about the upgrade will be revealed soon.


We will hold monthly raffles through the labs.mutants platform. There may be prizes in: NFTs suggested by the community, whitelist of partner projects or even physical items. You can buy raffle entries with $BOO Coin.

All tokens raised in raffles will be burned.


The items in our discord shop will no longer be purchased with Ghost Coin (discord token) and will be purchased with $BOO Coin The items will be updated every 15 days, to purchase a product from the shop, just open a ticket on our server.


 There will be mints and auctions of exclusive art made by various web 3 artists. To be eligible for the mint, you will need to own a certain amount of $BOO Coin and be a holder of Unrespawnables.

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